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The contrasts of colour in nature create an excitement within me, emotions which draw me to paint in attempt to share the beauty I see within the exuberant simplicity of life.  I experience each connection with nature as precious and ephemeral, and so my painting style employs bold colour to show how bright each moment truly is. The message within the story of each moment can be told in infinite ways, and this is my version.


 I grew up in Northern BC and spent most of my childhood outdoors, where I found a great appreciation for nature. In high school I was interested in many forms of art until I was invited on a trip to paint on location in Mexico. There I was inspired by the bright colors and developed a style to depict that feel.  

After graduating from high school, I traveled back to Mexico to work and learn with my mentor there. I lived in Mexico for 5 years, and in that time I discovered the contrasts of light and shade. Living in BC I have found much inspiration in the beautiful contrasts here as well. The excitement I have for the wilderness has drawn me to paint nature through my senses to impart that feeling.

 My intention is to share a depth of feeling, and bring the wildness into the subject in hopes to create an experience! 


  I reside in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia, Canada where I spend most of my time with my two beautiful children, hiking into the alpine and painting :)

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